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Sunday Services:
10:30 AM

Wednesday Services:
7:00 PM

 Our Vision

Hands Up: (Upward) Worship/Giving God our all
Hands Open: (Inward) Discipleship/Growing up spiritually
Hands Out: (Outward) Outreach/Reaching out to help someone else

Our Purpose:  

    To introduce those who desire to know God in an intimate and deep relationship with Him through heartfelt worship, sound biblical preaching, and education.
    Secondly, to build a community of such believers who model the teachings of Jesus. Namely love God…Love people!

Our Mission:  

    To develop a passion for worshiping and serving God.
    To create an atmosphere that puts God first and those seeking Him second.
    To reach our community around us near and far by our worship and evangelistic desire for all to know Him as we do.

Our Vision:

    Keeping Jesus’ Command (Matthew 22:37-39), to love God first then to love people.
    Developing Character (James 1:22-25), to develop a lifestyle through sound biblical instruction and application.
    Lifestyle Evangelism (James 2:14-18), to cast the net of evangelism into our community by the lifestyle we display.

Our Values:

    Moral excellence and surrendering to God…body, soul, and spirit. Letting Jesus clean up the undesirable trappings of our personal and corporate condition.
    True Worship: going beyond songs and sermons to generate a real and intimate atmosphere of worship personally and corporately.
    Love for one another: making ourselves available to others in a reasonable and biblical attempt to help them by any means possible.

Our Goals:

    To create interactive worship.
    To create a God friendly atmosphere.
    To create a comfortable setting for the natural needs of man.
    To invite all who are willing to join us in worship.
    To build a strong community of faithful believers of Jesus.
    To build a church of 500+ members



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